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When you’re in the area for Florida's many aviation events,  and decide to take an aftershow or anytime trip to the Florida Keys you may want to put X01 as one of your waypoints.  We are the last stop on the Gulf coast before crossing to the Keys.  We are also the first stop on your return flight.   

Our 100LL is generally around two dollars less per gallon than anywhere on the Keys and is also highly competitive in the region.

If you decide to head on out to Key West you should consider the route carefully.  X01 to KEYW direct is about 90 plus miles mostly over open water.  Unless you’re in a twin or amphibian and if you have a problem you could end up making a splash landing into Florida Bay.  A more prudent choice would be to follow the Florida coastline to Flamingo, then a heading of about 150 degrees to cross over less open water, with lots of smaller land masses, toward Islamorada.  
Check notams for the aerostat balloon restricted area R-2916 north of the Keys which extends up to 14,000 feet.  Contact Key West approach on 124.025 for advisories of intense military operations on Boca Chica Key
The route will add about another 10 or 15 minutes to Key West; your passengers will feel more comfortable and you will add a few more minutes to your logbook.