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Thursday, July 31, 2014


The south taxiway at X01 has been completed and the surrounding turf re-sodded.
Now during busy times departures can line up on the taxiway for full length takeoff rather than waiting to back taxi on the runway.

The helicopter landing pad had to be eliminated as part of the new paving project; however, an alternative helo landing pad will soon be designated.

So, get up and come on down to the most unique airport in the most unique town in Southwest Florida 
Everglades City

photo by John Apte - aerial photography Chokoloskee Island

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


When you’re in the area for Sun n’ Fun and decide to take an aftershow or anytime trip to the Florida Keys you may want to put X01 as one of your waypoints.  We are the last stop on the Gulf coast before crossing to the Keys.  We are also the first stop on your return flight.   

Our 100LL is generally between one and two dollars less per gallon than anywhere on the Keys and is also highly competitive in the region.

If you decide to head on out to Key West you should consider the route carefully.  X01 to KEYW direct is about 90 plus miles mostly over open water.  If you have a problem, and unless you’re in a twin or amphibian, you could end up making a splash landing into Florida Bay.  A more prudent choice would be to follow the Florida coastline to Cape Sable and cross over less open water, with lots of smaller land masses, toward Marathon Key (KMTH).  The distance is about 80 miles and offers a lot more to look at.  From there to Key West is another 40 miles which adds about 15 minutes to your flight time.   
click on the map to enlarge
Your passengers will feel more comfortable, have great views of the Everglades and the Keys, and you will add a few more minutes to your logbook. 

Friday, February 14, 2014


Owner Performed Maintenance
 What a non-licensed mechanic is legally allowed to do.
How aircraft maintenance regulations apply to you
What you may and may not do yourself 
How to properly document it

Saturday, February 22, 2014 , starting at 12:00 pm EST 
Own your own aircraft?  
Who has the authority to perform regular service and maintenance, ground an aircraft or return it to service? 
This seminar will cover what items you as an owner may perform, including a review of tips to keep your aircraft engine and airframe running at their peak.  
We will discuss items that are practical in everyday operations but are seldom reviewed.  Light Sport included. 
Speaker: Chuck Gretzke, ATP/Comm (ASEL, ASES, ROTORCRAFT, GLIDER); CFI-II, MEI; A&P, AI. 

Plus FREE pancake with sausage breakfast to all attendees from 10 am to Noon!   
The class will be held at 12 Noon to allow participants and guests to spend the rest of the afternoon trekking and exploring Everglades City restaurants, airboats, fishing guides, Everglades National Park boat tours, Chokoloskee island and the many other local attractions in the area.  Bikes are available to rent at the airport  Restaurants, lodging facilities, and most others will pick you up on call. 
Overnight underwing Dry Camping permitted at X01 for $12.

Monday, January 13, 2014


Show us your Landing Skills and have pancakes and sausage with us.

Saturday, January 18th at 10AM we will be hosting a free pancake breakfast followed by the FAA Safety Team presentation of Review of Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 91 & 61.  In these days of more intensified scrutiny of security and general aviation flight operations, it is incumbent on fliers to make sure they are up to date on the latest rules and regulations. 
The Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 91 & 61 cover the rules for general aviation flights.  It is essential that aviators are familiar and compliant with them.   In this seminar, we will highlight areas that pilots often overlook, or haven't reviewed in a while and will lead a discussion about commonly misunderstood topics that apply to general aviation operations.   We will also review recent changes in the FARs.    
For further check this site:
Our sponsors are offering a FREE pancake with sausage breakfast to all attendees from 10 am to Noon!  The class will be held at 12 noon to allow the attendees and guests to spend the rest of the day visiting 'Art in The Park' trekking / exploring the area. Overnight underwing Dry Camping permitted ($12 fee).  Most of the town is within walking distance and there are bikes for rent at the airport, and restaurants will send a vehicle for free pick up; the Everglades National Park is a five minute walk around the corner.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fly-in to Everglades X01 December 21st and stay for the day

Saturday, December 21st will be a special day in Everglades City and at the airport.  
Beginning at 10AM Chuck Gretzke will be hosting a free pancake and sausage breakfast until noon. 
Afterwards the FAA Safety Team will present a program on Water Survival and how to prepare for overwater flights, featuring Amy Laboda an ATP licensed, CFII-MEI.  Ms. Laboda actually lost an engine in a single engine aircraft while flying to the Cayman Islands and ditched her aircraft South of Cuba.  Her story along with the course materials should make for some very interesting discussion.

Later, you and your passengers can rent a bike to take an airboat ride, visit the Historical Museum, and Everglades National Park, call a restaurant for pickup at the airport, or just tour the town and maybe stick around for the annual boat parade down the Barron River ending up at the Oyster House Restaurant; just down the road from the airport.
Or rent a room for the night and join in the post parade party with food, drinks, and music until 11PM.
For further information call Mike Klein at 239-695-0595 or 603-831-1701,cell.
Meanwhile have a look at some of our visitors from the November 23d event; Tamiami Civil Air Patrol; Collier County Search and Rescue; and a recently completed Kitfox.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

X01 is a favorite destination and showplace for a broad variety of antiques, homebuilts, and classic aircraft.


2 Doors-200hp-3blade CS prop

Fly-in visitors landed at X01 in this somewhat rare and unique aircraft.
See if you can figure out what it is (no fair checking with the FAA)
The airplane has 2 doors, is powered by a Lycoming IO360 200hp engine, affixed with a 3 bladed constant speed propeller.

It is serial number 339 of a total of only 369 built by Beechcraft between 1966 and 1969 and
initially sold for a price of $16,350 in 1966.

Add X01 to your flight plan and discover the historic and friendly community of Everglades City

for more info contact:

Monday, May 13, 2013

Fireworks Over the Everglades

Fireworks Over the Everglades

Everglades City is always first!

We were the original County seat and we traditionally celebrate
Independence Day first in the area with our parade on the
Saturday before July 4th.
Saturday, June 29

Opening Ceremony at 10:00 a.m.
Patriotic Parade at 10:30 a.m. The theme is
“Stars & Stripes” 
prizes for the best floats
swamp buggies, golf carts, bicycles, or more elaborate vehicles.
ESHP will have a table in McLeod Park to talk with
attendees, hand out brochures, and sell cards.
lots of family-fun activities during the day including a contest for
the most patriotically-dressed kiddies, hotdogs & soda, music,
raffle, and grand fireworks in the evening.
Donations for the pyrotechnic spectacular are welcome at
“Everglades Community Fireworks Fund”, P.O. Box 110,
Everglades City, FL, 34139.
For info, call Elaine at (239) 695-2695.