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Fly into Festivals

Everglades AirPark is one of the few remote rural areas where you can fly into for events and you'll receive a warm welcome.

On the agenda is the Smallwood Music Festival on January 31st benefits the old trading post. It will be held at the historic Rod & Gun Club in Everglades City from 11:00 a.m. until dark. All the musicians have donated their time & talents and the auction includes a special photo by Clyde Butcher plus a chance to be in a new film produced by KC Schulberg whose father and uncle are famous for "Wind Across the Everglades". For info, see or phone (239) 695-2905.

On the next weekend, February 7/8, is the famous Everglades Seafood Festival with country music, carnival rides for the kiddies, arts & crafts, and food. Among the entertainers are Nashville artists Craig Campbell and Outshyne. For info, see or phone (239) 695-2277



Hosted by Wings 10,000 Islands Tours,
the next pancake breakfast this season will be
at Everglades Airpark on
Saturday, February 21
from 10:00 am to noon. For
more info, telephone Chuck at 695-3296.


     After many months of environmental andengineering studies and permit application,work has been completed on the extension of the south taxiway at Everglades Airpark.

   Prior to the extended taxiway, it was necessary for pilots to back taxi on the runway in order to take advantage of the full length of the runway for departure to the north. At busy times this would cause delays for other aircraft in the departure lineup, and also had the potential of conflicting with incoming landings from
the south.

     The costs for permitting, engineering, and construction were originally estimated at $282,963, which included an update to the Airport Layout Plan, a Design Update, and an Environmental Update to satisfy FAA grant assurances. The FAA portion of the funding amounted to $257,332.50, with the remainder financed by Collier County. Actual completed cost came in at $257,419; a reduction of $25,544 primarily due to careful attention of construction expenditures by project and airport manager Bob Tweedie.

     Thanks to financial support from Collier County, Florida Department of Transportation, and the Federal Aviation Administration - and constant vigilance by Mayor Sammy - the airport remains a valuable property asset of Everglades City without placing undue burden on our local taxpayers. In addition, according to FDOT, the airport annually provides over a half million dollars of economic activity in the local region.



When you’re in the area for Florida's many aviation events,  and decide to take an aftershow or anytime trip to the Florida Keys you may want to put X01 as one of your waypoints.  We are the last stop on the Gulf coast before crossing to the Keys.  We are also the first stop on your return flight.   

Our 100LL is generally around two dollars less per gallon than anywhere on the Keys and is also highly competitive in the region.

If you decide to head on out to Key West you should consider the route carefully.  X01 to KEYW direct is about 90 plus miles mostly over open water.  Unless you’re in a twin or amphibian, if you have a problem you will most likely end up making a splash landing into Florida Bay.  A more prudent choice would be to follow the Florida coastline to Cape Sable and cross over less open water, with lots of smaller land masses, toward Marathon Key (KMTH).  The distance is about 80 miles and offers a lot more to look at.  From there to Key West is another 40 miles that adds 15 minutes to your flight time.   
Your passengers will feel more comfortable and you will add a few more minutes to your logbook. 
  Make sure to check the Aerostat Balloon notifications.