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Friday, July 27, 2012

South Taxiway Extension


    The Federal Aviation Administration has approved grant application for extension of the south taxiway at the Everglades City airport.
  Photo by John Apte
  Presently, the taxiway does not extend to the end of the runway and this requires aircraft departing to the north to back taxi on the active runway for full length departure.  Initially, the taxiway extension was divided into two phases of the north end and south end.  There were some wetlands issues to be resolved on the south end and that portion of the project was combined with wetlands mitigation requirements at the Marco Island airport.  Both were resolved last year with approval and acceptance of the Rookery Bay application.  The Marco Island taxiway has been completed this year and it is anticipated that construction at Everglades will begin in the early part of 2013.
  Bids for construction will be posted and upon determination of the most qualified and cost effective, a pre-construction conference and management program will be scheduled with the FAA. 
  Completion of the taxiway extension will greatly enhance safety and provide more efficient operations, especially during those very busy times of the year.

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